This page contains links to the official project source code downloads by release.


Apache OpenWhisk uses semantic versioning. Version numbers use the form major.minor.incremental-build and are incremented as follows:

  • major version: for incompatible API changes.
  • minor version: for new functionality added in a backward-compatible manner.
  • incremental version: for forward-compatible bug fixes.
  • build: optional postfix to distinguish intermediate builds.

Apache Releases

The Apache OpenWhisk project provides official releases of source code, by component groupings, as TAR compressed archives files denoted by the .tar.gz extension) in accordance with the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) release policy.

Developers who wish to use nightly builds or interim builds should read about them below under Developer Builds.

Older releases are archived at


As an Apache project, all official release artifacts are provided as compressed archives and are signed by a project Release Manager and can be verified following these instructions:


You can access the Release Keys to verify the release artifacts.

Unified Releases

A complete OpenWhisk system combines a number of software components including action runtimes, CLI tools, the core platform, the package catalog, event providers, and deployment packaging. The project makes periodic time-based unified releases that bundle a compatible set of OpenWhisk's individually released software components to make it easier for users to install a coherent and complete OpenWhisk system on their own machines.

The available unified releases are:

  • 20.11 (Released November 29, 2020).

Component Releases

Individual downloads of the latest released version of each OpenWhisk component are available. Components are grouped by their role in the platform.

Please click on a platform role to see the individual downloadable components:

Core System

OpenWhiskCore OpenWhisk Platform Components.

OpenWhisk API GatewayA performant, OpenWhisk-enabled API Gateway based on Openresty and NGINX.

OpenWhisk Deploy KubernetesHelm chart for deploying OpenWhisk on Kubernetes.

Action Runtimes

OpenWhisk Runtime DockerThe Apache OpenWhisk Runtime SDK for building Docker “blackbox" runtimes.

OpenWhisk Runtime DotnetSupports functions written for .NET Core v3.1 and 6.0.

OpenWhisk Runtime GoSupports functions written for GoLang v1.20, v1.21 and v1.22.

OpenWhisk Runtime JavaSupports functions written for Java 8 (OpenJDK 8, JVM OpenJ9).

OpenWhisk Runtime Node.jsSupports functions written for Node.js v18 and v20.

OpenWhisk Runtime PHPSupports functions written for PHP v8.1, v8.2, and v8.3

OpenWhisk Runtime PythonSupports functions written for Python v3.9, v3.10, v3.11, and v3.12.

OpenWhisk Runtime RubySupports functions written for Ruby v2.5 and v2.6.

OpenWhisk Runtime RustSupports functions written for Rust v1.34.

OpenWhisk Runtime SwiftSupports functions written for Swift v5.1, v5.3, v5.4, and v5.7

Tools for Developers

OpenWhisk CLIOpenWhisk command-line interface.

OpenWhisk Whisk Deploy (wskdeploy)Client utility to deploy, configure and manage OpenWhisk applications and packages with a single YAML Manifest file.

OpenWhisk Whisk Debug (wskdebug)Debugging and live development tool for OpenWhisk

OpenWhisk Client GoOpenWhisk client library in Go.

OpenWhisk Client JSJavaScript client library for the OpenWhisk platform

Package Catalog and Composer

OpenWhisk CatalogPackage catalogs of OpenWhisk, which provides an easy way to enhance your application with useful capabilities, and to access external services in the ecosystem.

OpenWhisk ComposerComposer is a new programming model for composing cloud functions built on OpenWhisk

Provider Packages

OpenWhisk Package AlarmsApache OpenWhisk package that can be used to create periodic, time-based alarms

OpenWhisk Package KafkaApache OpenWhisk package for communicating with Kafka

Developer Builds

Most of the Apache OpenWhisk project component repositories are configured within GitHub to automatically generate interim builds (not official release builds) for each merged Pull Request (PR) and/or on a nightly basis. These builds, by default, are tagged 'nightly' and appear under their respective GitHub component's release tab and are intended for developer evaluation and testing only.

In some special cases, Committers on the project may choose to use GitHub to tag certain builds as they become closer to being Release Candidate (RC) builds. However, any build tagged within GitHub with either 'nightly' or any other tag do NOT have official Apache project release status. All official Apache OpenWhisk release builds undergo a rigorous process to be approved and are linked above.

To be clear, GitHub "releases" are not official Apache OpenWhisk project releases.