Add your package or service to the Apache OpenWhisk ecosystem and expand your app’s reach to thousands of developers.

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Package Creators and Apache OpenWhisk
Apache OpenWhisk

Build a community of developers around your service.

Apache OpenWhisk provides an open framework for serverless application developers to integrate event sources and data services from anywhere on the Internet. By integrating your services as an OpenWhisk package, you'll gain access to a community of developers building the next generation of cloud native applications.


Unlock unlimited third-party integrations.

Staying up-to-date with third-party integrations can be expensive and time-consuming. By adding your service as an Apache OpenWhisk package, developers can integrate your service with anything, with no time or investment from your team. Simply create a package for your service and unleash the creativity of your users!

Apache OpenWhisk

Join a growing ecosystem of package creators.

When you build a package for Apache OpenWhisk, you join an emerging community of package integrations. Does your package work with GitHub? Or Slack? Or can it drive IBM Bluemix Watson cognitive functions? Find out more about the existing packages and their features that OpenWhisk developers are using today.

“What excites me most [about Apache OpenWhisk] is its open source nature, which creates a foundation for a broad ecosystem of contributing parties.”

– Andrei Yurkevich, CTO of Altorors

“Apache OpenWhisk’s modular and effective ecosystem twisted our minds and now we’re able to deploy and connect different parts of our apps and infrastructure easily.”

– André Poleza, Co-Founder of Nepente

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