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Illustration: How Apache OpenWhisk Works
Apache OpenWhisk scaling and utilization

Scaling Per-Request & Optimal Utilization

Run your action ten thousand times in a fraction of a second, or once a week. Action instances scale to meet demand as needed, then disappear.

Enjoy optimal utilization where you don't pay for idle resources.

Apache OpenWhisk flexible programming

Flexible Programming

Code in different languages like JavaScript/NodeJS, Swift, Python, Java or run custom logic by packaging code with Docker.

Invoke your code synchronously, asynchronously, or on a schedule.

Use higher-level programming constructs like sequences to declaratively chain together multiple actions. Use parameter binding to avoid hardcoding service credentials in your code.

And also, debug your code in realtime.

Apache OpenWhisk scaling and utilization

Rich Service Ecosystem

Benefit from a large ecosystem of event emitters and consumers from different vendors covering domains like analytics, cognitive, data, mobile, and IoT.

“Apache OpenWhisk relieved us from all of our pain points. It allowed us to focus on coding instead of operational aspects, guaranteed optimal utilization and scaling, [and] provided us with a flexible programming model.”

– Barry Nijenhuis, SiteSpirit

“Apache OpenWhisk’s modular and effective ecosystem twisted our minds and now we’re able to deploy and connect different parts of our apps and infrastructure easily.”

– André Poleza, Co-Founder of Nepente

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