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Open-Source Contributors and Apache OpenWhisk
Apache OpenWhisk

Share your great ideas with the community.

Have you built something great using Apache OpenWhisk? Share your rules, actions, and triggers with the community! We'll help to promote your work, and you'll help to grow the community library of ready-to-use code available to other deveopers. Everybody wins!


Share your service with thousands of developers.

Make your product, tool, or service even more attractive to developers by becoming part of Apache OpenWhisk's growing ecosystem. Create a package to allow developers to use your service with Apache OpenWhisk, open it to the community, and join the serverless revolution!

Apache OpenWhisk

Build new skills. Build a community.

Build your cloud expertise by contributing to bleeding-edge, serverless technology. Become part of a growing community of open source developers working to improve Apache OpenWhisk. Propose a feature, submit a pull request, or create a tutorial — help build a movement!

“Apparently @openwhisk is the only fully open source #serverless technology, can run in-house too.”


“So far I find #OpenWhisk the real highlight of this #serverlessconf London, I’m totally amazed by the work done so far by the dev team! kudos”


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